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Benefits of using
DEFA BoatSecurity

Don't let thieves spoil your boating pleasure

Boat life has many pleasures. It is, however, easy to forget how fast the boat can disappear. With DEFA BoatSecurity you will get the most complete alarm system for boats on the market. It protects equally well against theft and burglary. So you can continue to enjoy life at sea.

If anything unforeseen should happen you will be notified by an SMS message to your mobile phone. You will be notified both on request and in case of considerable position changes. The SMS message will contain information about what sensor triggered the alarm.

The GPS module sends the position of your boat to your mobile phone. You can locate your boat on the internet and by an SMS message you can ask for the status of your boat.

DEFA's immobilizers are tested thoroughly on most engine types. The immobilizers are controlled by means of a water-proof 1-button remote control unit and can be used for both onboard and outboard engines.

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