Benefits / Preventive

Boat life should be an unworried life

Takes care of the pleasures of boat life

Boat owners want to protect not only their valuables. Many people associate the boat life with an unworried life. Then it's good to know that your boat is where it is supposed to be and that everything is OK.

A flashing LED on the status panel warns unauthorised persons that the boat is equipped with a DEFA BoatSecurity alarm system or immobilizer.

DEFA's advanced alarm system, BG600, notifies you on your mobile phone in case of burglary or theft.

In addition you will be notified in case of low battery level or water in the boat. If you are in doubt whether everything is OK on board just send an SMS message and ask for a status.

DEFA BoatSecurity - carefully thought-through security solutions you can trust

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